Name of the Site : Kanifnath
The site is preferred during North and Easterly winds. This is an area of strong & frequent thermals. Around 10 am thermals kick in. One can easily rise to two to three thousand feet around the ridge. Down-wind side is huge open country-side for miles together. Cross-country flights can easily be attempted quite often. People are friendly. There is an old historic temple worth visiting. Temple premises has few tea & sugar cane juice stalls. The wonder wind effect in the evening is best experienced here. Watch-out for power lines while landing.

Kanifnath site as viewed form the base.

Kanifnath Site Details:
Distance & location : 20 kms from Pune on Saswad road
Height : 1000feet
Facing : East, North-East, North, North-West
Flyable Length : 3 Kms, bowl shaped
Slope : 80 Degrees
Take-off area : Wide with gradual slope, backside of the hill is 100 feet deep
Landing area : Agricultural open fieds at foot-hill though
with sparse trees.
Type of flying : Ridge soaring and thermal flying, Intermediate and Advance flying site.
Flying period : October to January
Reaching : Two & four wheelers can reach the foot-hill.
It takes 45 mins to climb the hill. State transport bus service is available from Swargate via saswad in at 9:20 am, reaches Kanifnath hill at 11:30 am.

Name of the Site : Purandar  
This site is located around a beautiful fort. The area of this fort was used by the British as the summer camp. You will find a whole township which remains abdunded. The area is under the control of Army. Two guards are positioned at any given time. There is no special permission required to fly at this site except being very polite to the guards. There is one village boy who will prepare Tea at order. There is a sweet water hole where you can draw water for drinking. It is one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. If it is not flyable, one could go around the town-ship to explore. The old banglows & structures are still there though in a dilapidated condition. The entire area is covered with plenty of tall trees. The weather remains cool round the year. As a picnic monsoon is the best season to visit. This is the only fort where you will find daffodils.
Purandar Site Details:
Distance & Location : 45 kms South-east from Pune.
Co-ordinates :
Height : 1000 feet
Facing : East & North-East
Length : 400 mtrs curving from north to east
Slope : Almost 85 degrees
Take-off area : Small. One paraglider take-off at a time.
No place for blow-back.
Landing area : Whole lot of open fields for miles
Type of flying : Intermediate and Cross country flying
Flying period : November to January

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